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About IFAM



 While students are at ISU, the focus is usually on academics, learning, grades, and etc. But most of the things that really bring happiness in life are outside of that. We all want and need quality relationships, love, purpose, peace of mind, to feel good about ourselves, to get prepared to have a good marriage and family in the future, and other similar things. And we all need help with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs at times. Unfortunately, the persons that international students have usually turned to for help and advice (family and close friends) are far away and unfamiliar with the U.S. culture and situation. While this may sound difficult, it also provides a wonderful opportunity. You can make new friends – sometimes closer friends than ever before. And you can learn new ways of seeing things, and new truths, and new ways of living that actually work better than what you learned growing up. And while doing so, you can often find a better, more satisfying life and plan for your future. iFam strives to help students while they are here in Ames to do the following:


1. Develop good friends and community (we really value love)

2. Have fun (we do lots of celebrating birthdays and the U.S. and international holidays, and we have many events together during the year)

3. Get answers to many of the most important questions in life


4. Learn how to have a better life outside of classes and study and work


5. Get help with many of the things that come up while you are a student far from home (such as health/medical issues, housing/roommate/landlord problems, legal matters, relationship struggles, obtaining furniture and cars and other things, rides, moving, learning to drive, and much more) 


Come join us at our next event - We'd love to share all that iFam has to offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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